How to prepare the elder for the arrival of his little brother?

How to prepare the elder for the arrival of his little brother?

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In a few months, you will give birth to your second child. Great news for the whole family, but also a shake-up for your elder who must find his place. Here are 8 tips to prepare him for his new role as "big".

1) Announce it at the right time

  • Finally, your pregnancy test is positive and you dream to share your joy with your elder! He's going to have a little brother or a little sister! When to announce to him? If you do not have a question and your stomach is not too round, wait three months to talk to him. In case of sad news, it will be easier to preserve it. On the other hand, if he asks you questions or changes his behavior, it is because he probably suspects something ... It is then good to announce the news to him by saying for example: "Dad and I are going to have a baby, and you're going to have a little brother or sister. "

2) Reassure him about your love that will remain unchanged

  • For your child, move from privileged status from single to big brother or sister is not easy. Accustomed to him taking care of him full time, he fears that you will have less time to devote to him with the arrival of this baby. And this will surely be the case, but reassure him about your love that will always be strong and grow to love his little brother or sister. He may not be so clear about his concern, but if he walks away from you for a moment to get closer to his father, or wakes up again at night, that's a sign. Be careful.

4) Ultrasound? It can help him

  • If your child does not seem very enthusiastic at the idea of ​​becoming the eldest, show him the ultrasounds of the baby, if he wishes. This will help him understand what is happening. A little head, a foot, and even a little hand in the upper left, he sees them? You can also show him the ultrasounds when he was also in your belly, explaining to him the joy you had felt at the time.

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