How to protect baby from the cold?

How to protect baby from the cold?

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The cold is back and puts pink to the cheeks of toddlers. It can also chill them to the bone if they are not properly equipped. The advice of Dr. Béatrice Di Mascio, pediatrician in Paris.

How does cold affect the body of the little ones?

  • The cold narrows the blood vessels. And the ends of the limbs are less well irrigated. Hands and feet are exposed to frostbite if they are poorly protected. Some areas of the face may experience the same fate: nose, chin, ears blush as soon as the temperature is close to zero.
  • Faced with this aggression, the body tries in vain to send blood to the cooled areas. Plaques and blisters may appear with pain reminiscent of burning or itching. The youngest child does not know how cold it is, it's up to you to take care of him and cover him well.

How to protect your skin?

  • The skin, exposed to sudden changes in temperature, suffers and tends to dry out. Avoid overheating your home or car. Remember that the ideal temperature is 19 ° C.
  • For outdoor walks, apply a layer of cream (cold-cream type) on the face of your child, regularly renew the application. If certain areas of your body seem too dry, use the same cream. Not to mention a stick for his lips.

At altitude, what other precautions to take?

  • In the mountains, temperature differences can be very important. To prevent frostbite, effectively equip your child with a cap or hood for the head and gloves adapted to cold and snow. If it is not working yet, avoid using a back or front baby carrier during walks. This would expose him to the compression of his legs or arms. Instead, prefer the stroller with a good cover to cover your toddler. And bring even more care to your skin. Indeed, at altitude the humidity rate of the air drops and makes the epidermis more sensitive to aggression and drought. Do not forget his cream!

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