How to make him let go of his pacifier?

How to make him let go of his pacifier?

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Your child is growing up ... and he will soon be the only one in his group to have a pacifier! How to help him "pick up"?

The problem

The pacifiers have disappeared from the other children's smile and yours seems to be able to do without it.

Who disturbs it?

  • Your child. He feels the pressure, sometimes yours, that of the family, friends ... He is not proud of him.
  • You. The eyes of others sometimes become heavy. And you worry about his future dentition.

The pacifier is for the little ones!

  • Make the point with yourself ... Would not you be a little less demanding with your youngest? Yet this nipple keeps him in a baby status while it is important that he accesses the emotional autonomy.
  • Make a list of the benefits of becoming big: he is invited to birthdays, he can go to the cinema ...
  • Present the "misdeeds" of the pacifier: he risks being mocked by his mates. It disrupts its articulation, its communication.
  • What to tell him: "You're one of the grown-ups now, your dad and I, we'd be very proud that you stop the pacifier", "You see, because of the pacifier, your teeth are a little ahead ..."

Addicted to his pacifier, make a contract with him

  • Decide on D-day where he will stop the pacifier totally: the date of his birthday, for example. Choose a good time, not during a particularly stressful move, or after the arrival of a baby!

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