20 jazzy baby names

20 jazzy baby names

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Want a sweet name in your ears? Why not a jazzy name, inspired by the greatest jazz artists of yesterday and today? You will find all the inspiration in our beautiful directory!

Karine Ancelet


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20 jazzy baby names (20 photos)


Original choice, Jazz is a name ... it's also the one chosen by Valérie Bègue and swimmer Camille Lacourt for their daughter born in 2012. Mixed name, Jazz is of American origin and refers to the integrity and idealism. No festive date known ... it's up to you to play.


Louis ... for trumpeter Louis Armstrong, considered the best jazz ambassador in the world (1901-1971). A classic name that comes from the ancient German "lods", illustrious, and "wig", fighter, Hlodwig became Ludwig and free Clovis, before turning into Louis. Unless you prefer one of these nicknames: Pops? His birthday: August 25th. More about this name


Ella ... for Ella Fitzgerald, nicknamed the Great Lady of Jazz (1917-1996). Of English origin, Ella comes from the Anglo-Saxon "aelf", which means the elf. It was originally a male given name, which, over time, was taken for a diminutive of Eleanor. To celebrate February 1st. More about this name


Miles ... like the great Miles Davis, famous American composer and trumpet player (1926-1991), super jazz star. This rare name comes from the Latin "miles", which means soldier. No festive date known ... compose yours!


Glenn ... as Glenn Miller, famous trombonist and conductor of American jazz who marked the 40s and the Liberation (1904-1944). The name Glenn comes from Celtic "gleann", valley, country ... and is celebrated on September 11th. More about this name


Cassandra ... like Cassandra Wilson, a famous jazz singer from Mississippi. A nice name derived from Cassandra, the Greek word "kassandra" meaning the one that helps men. To celebrate November 31st.


Duke ... for Duke Ellington (1899-1974), his real name Edward and nicknamed Duke for his distinguished looks. Duke of Irish origin, Duke originates from the title of nobility, and comes from the Latin "dux", meaning the leader. In Morocco, it is also used as diminutive of the name Marmaduke.


Diana ... for Diana Krall, pianist and Canadian jazz singer who taught piano at age 4! Her name comes from Diana, a figure of mythology. Beautiful and agile, this goddess of Nature and hunting among the Romans. To celebrate June 9th.


Melody ... like the beautiful Melody Gardot, songwriter and American jazz performer. Anglo-Saxon form of the first name Mélodie, from the Greek "melôdia", song, its harmonious. Melody is also considered a derivative of the name Odile, the Germanic "odal", meaning heritage, wealth. His birthday: December 14th.


Norah ... like Indian singer Norah Jones, whose real name is Geetali Norah Jones-Shankar. Norah is a derivative of Eleanor, Occitan form of Eleonore, Greek eleos "compassion" His birthday: June 25.


Charlie ... like American jazz viola saxophonist Charlie Parker (1920-1955), nicknamed Bird. American form of Charles, this name comes from the Germanic "karl", which means virile. His birthday: November 4th.


Stacey ... for Stacey Kent, the American jazz singer who "grew up" today. Stacey is an Anglo-Saxon name, derived from a Latinized Greek name, Anastasius, "born again". To celebrate September 20th.


Django ... for Django Reinhardt, French guitarist of gypsy jazz (1910-1953), Jean of his real name. Django comes from the Jewish name Yohan, the Hebrew words "yo" and "hanan" meaning God has given grace. His birthday: January 24th.


Chick ... for Chick Corea, American composer of jazz and jazz-rock, his real name is Armando Anthony Corea. Chick means chick in English and it's also a name, derived from Charles, from the Germanic "karl", which means manly. His birthday: November 4th.


Michel ... as Michel Petrucciani, talented pianist and composer of French jazz (1962-1999). Michel comes from Hebrew "mika'el", meaning that is like God. His birthday: September 29th.


Oscar ... as Oscar Peterson, Canadian jazz pianist (1925-2007). The name Oscar is derived from the Germanic deity Ans, and gari, "the spear", and means "warrior protected by the gods". His birthday: February 3rd.


Lionel ... for Lionel Hampton, pianist and American jazz drummer (1908-2002), nicknamed "Lion". The name Lionel comes from elsewhere Latin "leonellus", which means little lion. To celebrate November 10th. More about this name


Lester ... for Lester Young, saxophonist and American jazz clarinettist. Name of Anglo-Saxon origin still rare in France, Lester comes from a surname that was taken from the name of the city of Leicester, originally denoting a person who was from this place. No feast date known.


Stan ... like Stan Gets, saxophonist and American jazz musician, whose real name is Stanley Gayetzsky (1927-1991). The name Stan is a diminutive of Stanislas, Slavic "stan", standing, and "slava", glory. It is celebrated on April 11th.


Sarah ... like Sarah Vaughan, famous American jazz singer (1924-1990). This Hebrew name means "princess, queen". To celebrate October 9th. More about this name