20 first names globe-trotters for baby

20 first names globe-trotters for baby

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Sofia, Victoria, Beverly, Milan, Olympia ... Go on a trip with these 20 names of cities and countries and maybe find the inspiration for the name of your future baby. A future globe-trotter?

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20 first names globe-trotters for baby (20 photos)

Santiago (Chile)

  • Portuguese form of James, Santiago comes from the Hebrew "ya'aqob", which God favors.
  • Saint James, a disciple of Christ and brother of St. John the Evangelist, was martyred and put to death by Herod Agrippa. His remains rest in Spain.
  • His birthday: July 25th.
  • His diminutives: Tiago, Diego.

Louis (Port Louis, Mauritius)

  • From old German "lods", illustrious, and "wig", fighter, "hlodwig" became Ludwig and in free Clovis, before turning into Louis.
  • Eighteen kings of France took this name.
  • The patron saint of the Louis, King Louis IX, better known as Saint Louis (1215-1270), was a model of charity and courage. He died on a crusade in Tunis, in 1270. For the anecdote, the "louis" of gold owes its name to King Louis XIII who had struck a coin to his effigy and Louisiana, former French possession in the United States, was so called in honor of Louis XIV.
  • His birthday: August 25th.
  • Its derivatives: Alois, Clovis, Gino, Lewis, Lloyd, Louie, Ludwig, Luigi, Luis, Luiz ...

Beverly (United States)

  • Old English beaver stream, beaver river.
  • Beverly is, at the base, the name of several villages in Britain. But it's probably the city of Beverly Hills, near Los Angeles, that made this name famous.
  • No feast date known.
  • Her derivatives: Beverley, Buffy.


  • Derived from Laura, which comes from the Latin "laurus", the laurel.
  • The name Lorraine was often attributed after the war of 1870 and the annexation by Germany of Alsace and Lorraine.
  • His birthday: October 19th.
  • Its derivatives: Laurane, Laure, Lauren, Laurence, Lauria, Lauriane, Laurianne, Laurie, Laurina, Laurisa, Laurence, Lore, Loren, Lorena.

Sofia (Bulgaria)

  • Derived from Sophie, Greek "sophia", wisdom.
  • Saint Sophia gave its name to a city, Sofia capital of Bulgaria, and to a basilica in Constantinople, which was transformed into a mosque by the Turks.
  • His birthday: May 25th.
  • Its derivatives: Sophie, Sonja, Sophia, Sophy.

Sydney (Australia)

  • Derived from Denis, from the Greek "dionysos", son of God. Called Bacchus by the Latins, Dionysus was the Greek god of wine and vine.
  • Saint Denis was the first bishop of Paris in the 3rd century and one of the first bosses of the kingdom of France. Namely, the name of the Australian city Sidney and the name Sydney result from a contracted form of Saint-Denis!
  • His birthday: October 9th.

Olympus (Greece)

  • From the Greek "Olympos", Mount Olympus, it is a mixed name already known in antiquity ...
  • Located on the borders of Macedonia and Thessaly, Mount Olympus was inaccessible to the Mortals. The gods of Greek mythology contemplated the world, drank nectar and consumed ambrosia. Olympia, located in one of the Peloponnese valleys, was a religious center whose site welcomed every four years from 776 BC. J. C, the Olympic Games.
  • St. Olympus, is a fourth-century Byzantine aristocrat who devoted her fortune to founding a hospital.
  • His birthday: December 17th.

Florence (Italy)

  • From Latin "floreo", to bloom.
  • This name owes its notoriety in part to Florence Nightingale, the co-founder of the Red Cross. Saint Florence was an Italian pagan who converted when she met Saint Hilaire and who founded a monastery in Poitiers in the 4th century.
  • His birthday: December 1st.
  • Its derivatives: Florine, Flora, Floriane.

Alba (Italy)

  • From Latin "alba", white, this feminine given name is derived from the Albanian male.
  • Saint Alban was the first English Christian martyr.
  • His birthday: June 22nd.
  • Its derivatives: Albane, Albana.

La France

  • Mixed name, France is a derivative of Françoise and comes from the Latin "francus" which means free man. This term referred to the Franks. France is a name especially used in compound first names.
  • His birthday: March 9th or October 4th.
  • Its derivatives: Francesca, Francine, Franceline ...

Adélie (Antarctica)

  • From the germain "adel", noble, the name Adélie is a variation of Adèle. It is also the name of a land of Antarctica, named after the explorer Dumont d'Urville in honor of his wife.
  • His birthday: December 24th.
  • Its derivatives: Adele, Adelia.

Tuscany (Italy)

  • Female name, Tuscany refers to the Italian region of which Florence is the capital. It is a very recent name, which is rarely attributed in France.
  • No feast date known.

Armel (France)

  • Old Breton "arzhel", made of "artz" the bear, and "maël", the prince.
  • In the 6th century, a monk from Wales, Arzhel prince of the bear, arrived in Armorica to found a monastery. He became famous for his miracles and the King of the Franks Childebert I brought him to his court. He left his name to the town of Saint-Armel in the Ille-et-Vilaine where he died, and to the abbey of Pluarzel he founded.
  • His birthday: August 16th.
  • Its derivatives: Armaël, Armelle, Ermel.

Milan (Italy)

  • Male name, it means beloved in Slavic, this is the name chosen by the singer Shakira and Gérard Piqué for their little boy.
  • Behind this name of Central Europe hides ... Emile, very popular in the nineteenth century! Milan celebrates with St. Emile, a persecuted Christian in the third century.
  • His birthday: May 22nd.

Dakota (United States)

  • This North American given name means friend in Sioux language.
  • Two Middle-West American states carry it: South Dakota and North Dakota. Quite rare, this is the name of the daughter of Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas born in 1989 (Dakota Johnson) and that of the actress Dakota Fanning (Twilight). It can also be given to a boy.
  • No feast date known.

Victoria (Seychelles)

  • From Latin "victor", winner. Victoria was the Roman goddess of Victory.
  • This international version of French Victory is widespread around the world. Although this name owes some of its success to Queen Victoria of England, it was never very popular during her lifetime.
  • His birthday: July 25th.
  • Its derivatives: Victory, Vicky, Victorine, Vittoria.

Orlando (United States)

  • Italian form of the name Roland, it comes from the Germanic "hrod", the glory, and "land", the country.
  • Saint Roland lived in the twelfth century. Originally from the Medici family, he became a hermit in a forest near Parma.
  • His birthday: September 15th.
  • Its derivatives: Rolando, Rolly, Rowland, Rolland.

Wallis (Pacific Archipelago)

  • Mixed first name of Anglo-Saxon origin, Wallis means the one coming from Wales.
  • It is a safe bet if you are looking for a rare name. A famous Wallis? The American Wallis Simpson, for whom the English king Edward VIII abdicated in 1936.
  • His birthday: February 25th.

Como (Italy)

  • From the Greek "cosmos", order.
  • St. Cosmas, the twin brother of St. Damian, practiced medicine in Arabia for the sake of Christ. Both of them converted a large part of their patients. They are the bosses of the College of Physicians.
  • His birthday: September 26th.
  • Its derivatives: Cosme, Cosmo, Cosimo.

Athena (Greece)

  • According to Greek mythology, Athena was the goddess of Wisdom, War and Artisans. Daughter of Zeus and an Oceanid, she is born out of the head of her father. She is represented by the owl and the olive tree.
  • His birthday: March 3rd.
  • Its derivative: Athenaïs.

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