How to sleep well when it's hot?

How to sleep well when it's hot?

When the temperature rises, it is sometimes difficult to get to sleep: insomnia, difficulty falling asleep, many awakenings, night sweats ... The right actions to adopt to cool off gently and sleep well despite the heat?

With scorching temperatures, you can not turn a blind eye. However, there are some good habits that are simple to take to refresh his house and his body. Here are some tips for finding a peaceful sleep.

Tips for refreshing the room

  • A cool room for the night, it is ready in the morning. Start your day by opening the windows, as summer mornings often enjoy a gentle breeze. However, keep your shutters and blinds closed, sunlight alone enough to heat a room. But be careful, remember to close everything on the blows of 10 o'clock in the morning, when the heat begins to be insistent. Leave the blinds closed to prevent heat from entering.
  • Renew the operation in the evening around 19 hours, and leave the windows open until you go to bed. But beware of mosquitoes and other moths. To avoid any intrusion into your room, remember to turn off the light or use mosquito nets on the windows.
  • At night, if the heat is really unbearable, you can use a fan ... as long as it does not interfere with your sleep. Do not direct it directly on your face ... at the risk of waking up with a torticollis in the morning!

Good reflexes to refresh your body

  • When you come home from work, start by discovering yourself and put on a more comfortable outfit ... Several good habits are effective for a lasting refreshment.
  • A "cold" shower is always welcome. But beware, 25 ° C is enough. No need to risk hypothermia to sleep well and chilled water could have the opposite effect, that is to say, to wake you up.
  • It should be known that our body is equipped with natural thermal sensors, which regulate our temperature. These points are the nape, the back, the thorax and the feet. Thus, soaking one's feet in a basin of cold water and / or to spend a little cool water on the nape of the neck can be enough to drop the body temperature by a few degrees.
  • Another effective tip: a wet and cold washcloth under the back of the neck when you fall asleep should do the trick.

Do not forget to drink!

  • To fight against heat, drinking is the best solution. A glass of water is the easiest way to feel refreshed and hydrated. What's more, in response to hyperthermia, our body sweats and depletes the supply of water that is essential to renew. Remember that water is necessary for our survival and that a loss of 10 to 12% of our reserves is enough to put us in mortal danger. Be careful however: no question of drinking an icy water.
  • Last tip: keep a bottle near you at night so you can quench your thirst ... and refresh your neck or face if the need arises.

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