Infant colic: 5 remedies from grandmothers

Infant colic: 5 remedies from grandmothers

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Painful for babies, colic of infants lead to intense crying that leave parents helpless ... since the dawn of time. If the "miracle" treatment does not exist, grandma's tricks may help relieve your baby.

Your toddler cries a lot, seems uncomfortable, flexes his arms and legs on his abdomen, obviously to relieve himself ... he is probably in contact with the infamous colics of the infant. It is painful for your baby, of course, but also for you because his tears are never pleasant. Our grandmothers already knew that these colics are punctual and fade over time ... but they too wanted solutions. Here are 5 tips that caught our attention. To try with your baby.

1. The massage

  • Warm up a few drops of baby-friendly massage oil (or a few drops of milk, as well) and massage your baby's stomach with circular movements in a clockwise direction (physiological sense) transit), from his navel to the edges of his belly. This massage will prove effective to relieve colic of your baby, partly also because it has calming virtues. Good to know : wait until your toddler has finished digesting before doing this massage.

2. The "magic" position

  • For our grandmothers, a position was very effective in relieving baby colic. Place it face down on your forearm, with your head resting on your hands, legs, and pendulous arms, and walk it around the house, swinging it gently. Magical ?

3. Sweet water

  • Melt a teaspoon of sugar in 20 cl of water. Put the syrupy liquid to boil and, when cool, offer it to your baby. Good to know: this tip should not be used more than twice a day, it's very sweet!

4. Green clay

  • This recipe is recommended in the book by Dr. Christine Cocquart, The Guide to Care for My Child (Nathan).
  • Pour a tablespoon of organic green clay into a glass of water. Stir and leave to settle for 12 hours. With a pipette, recover the clay water (without stirring, the powder must remain at the bottom). Have your baby drink a few sips before meals.

5. Swaddling

  • Because it reassures baby, swaddling can help relieve your baby during colic. Your baby should be in physiological position, palms on the front of the thighs or chest, but never the arms held along the body.

Laurence Dibarrat