Chikou and the mask hunt

Chikou and the mask hunt

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Chikou the little guenon lost her mask! To find it, it's simple, it's the only copy that is not duplicated ... This is the little game that offers the girlfriend Badou, the grandson of Babar, to your little player. Go hunting!

How to play ?

  • Download the PDF here and print it on a cardboard sheet.
  • Ask your child to find the mask that is not duplicated ... A track? He can surround each pair and the mask alone will be the right one, the mask of Chikou. Come on, we play!

Attention, this game is in PDF format. To download and print it, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader. To download it for free, it's here.

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Even more games and coloring in Babar's Diary, on sale in kiosks!

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