What is a dry shampoo?

What is a dry shampoo?

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This original product allows you to clean your hair without getting wet. Practical and easy to use, it restores freshness to your hair in minutes.

Dry shampoo, what's the point?

This shampoo is a "quick fix" solution for cleaner hair. An interesting gesture for:

  • Absorb excess oil if your hair is greasy and so space shampoos.
  • Replace a normal shampoo if you have enough time to make one.
  • Give volume to your hair between two shampoos.
  • Win time and clean your hair if you do not have the opportunity to do it, for example at the maternity ward.

How it works ?

  • Composed of starch powder from rice, oat or clayit absorbs the soils or sebum of the leather of hair as true sponges while providing volume and suppleness.
  • Mixedit is aimed at both men and women.

Good gestures

Essential to obtain a satisfactory result.

  • Brush your hair just before to remove knots and impurities.
  • Spray about 30 cm from the rootss, strand by strand, emphasizing the areas where the hair is the dirtiest: neck, near the temples, top of the skull.
  • Let act 2 to 3 minutes for optimal absorbent action.
  • chafe with a towel.
  • Eliminate the remaining residues with a brush.

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