Cap on the City of the Sea

Cap on the City of the Sea

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Direction Cherbourg and its Cité de la mer. A magical place! This old ferry terminal has seen Charlie Chaplin, Cary Grant, Rita Hayworth ... Today, she welcomes sea lovers, like your little one, right?

From 2 years, he will love ...

  • The touch pad, of course! Here, the fish, we do not touch them only with the eyes, but in real! There are those who do not like it, like mules. And those who seek caresses like rays, all rough on the top and so soft under the belly. Sacred naughty hiding in the sand. Look for them, we only see their eyes! Explain to your child that these funny fish with a dorsal are ... sharks! Yes, little sharks emissaries. They also like contacts!
  • The giant aquarium 11 meters high Wow, impressive view of the 2nd floor! It is the largest in Europe. Go to the ground floor to see nearly 1500 tropical fish ... Here you are as in a Tahitian lagoon! Clown fishes (Nemo!), Pinocchio fish (nostrils of their real name), cow fish (so funny with their horns) ... the pond hosts fifty species.
  • The highlight of the show Wednesday and Thursday at 3 pm during school holidays? A fish-man who goes down in the basin. This diver teaches little spectators how to evolve in the marine environment. This is the biggest fish so say!

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