15 mom tips for tidying up toys

15 mom tips for tidying up toys

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Toys that hang out, get lost, get dirty ... Moms unveil their tricks to facilitate fun and promote storage.

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15 tips from moms to store toys (15 photos)

Change the batteries

"It is not always easy to pull a toy's batteries out of their compartment, I had the idea of ​​slipping a ribbon under the batteries, and when I change them I pull on the two ends of the ribbon. and the batteries come alone. "Stéphanie (Desertines)

House playmat

"I made a very easy-to-play playmat for my little boy, I took a small plaid that he likes and I sew brightly colored washcloths. to hide his little toys. "Catherine (Cergy-le-Haut)

His toys follow him everywhere

"My 5-month-old baby likes to play in his recliner, when I moved him from one room to another, I went back and forth to get the toys, which I then sat next to them ... Until I fixed at the back of the deckchair a cloth pouch in which I slide all his favorite toys. "Karine (Chamalières)

First customized book

"I bought a postcard-size photo album that I filled with my imagination with drawings, postcards, family photos, or animals, everyday objects cut from magazines. As a first book, it is ideal, it does not cost much ... and it is renewable to infinity! "Anne-Sophie (Paris)

Loto house

"A famous brand of baby food had on the lids of his little pots a blue bear cub.This was represented by bike, at the beach or at the table ... I had fun collecting these lids in two copies that I I put them in a box of flour of the same brand.As soon as they were old enough to sit on a high chair, my daughters played the lottery, happy to rebuild the pairs. "Valérie (Paris)

Cool, bath toys

"I bought transparent plastic interleaves of different colors and I had fun cutting geometric shapes, animals ... As soon as he is in his bath, my 12-month-old son makes them float or glue and takes off all at leisure on the tiles or the walls of the bath. "Karo (Chatou)

Fishing for toys

"At 8 months, my daughter Camille finds it a pleasure to throw all her toys on the floor.To avoid spending my time picking them up, I hung those she prefers with a ribbon on her high chair. When she's thrown away, she just has to pull the string to get all her friends back ... and keep on laughing. "Sandy (Trieux)

Homemade maracas

"To vary the pleasures of the game, I use empty plastic lemons that we buy in supermarkets.I fill them with rice, lentils, water or sugar.I stick the cap and I get rattles with different sounds for my baby, or maracas for my elders. "Sarah (Fresnes)

Mom with fairy fingers

"My little boy is 6 months and a half, and I often sing to him" So do make do ... "To vary the pleasures and make the song even more fun, I cut the fingers of two old kitchen gloves (the one yellow and the other pink), and I drew eyes, mouths and eyebrows in the indelible felt pen, and my own fingers so disguised, the show can begin. "Linda (Clermont-Ferrand)

Tattoo for blanket

"A cuddly toy, it's nice ... but what a pain in case of loss!" As a provident mum, I decided to tattoo my indelible felt-tip phone number on Arthur's foolish rabbit ear. he was losing his blanket, I am sure that whoever found him would have the soul enough compassion to warn us and send it to us by mail! "Catherine (Rennes)

Stuffed stuffed animals

"I bought a planter that I painted and decorated, and instead of hanging it on the window sill, I hung it on the side of my kids' crib. put toys away or put lint on them when I change sheets, for example. "Isabelle (Chamblet)

Minifilet for minijouets

"I get the nets to put the laundry pills and I slide the small cars, figurines ... so more loss! In addition, the mesh can identify their content." Stéphanie (Amiens)

All clean the toys!

"After several uses, the bath toys fill up and do not dry very well, and they sometimes get stained indoors, in which case I immerse them for several hours in a basin of water with a sterilization tablet. they come out clean! "Delphine (Longjumeau)

Toys without sand

"As it is tedious to rinse all the toys filled with sand, I gather them in a laundry net, I just have to close it and plunge it into the sea." Once home, I suspend the net on the clothesline and toys are dry and clean in the blink of an eye. "Alexandra (Bures-sur-Yvette)

Hop, in the bread bag!

"To store my son's toys, I use bread bags that I hang from a foot of the bed and whose size is ideal to slip swords, fishing rods and other elongated toys." July (Vitry- on the Seine)


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