Burning, sunburn: nature remedies

Burning, sunburn: nature remedies

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Scratches, superficial burns or small redness due to the sun, children rarely escape during their outings outdoors. This is the time to prepare your little natural pharmacy kit ... Phytotherapy, homeopathy, massage or nutrition ... try these 4 effective remedies.

Burn, sunburn: the nutrition reflex

  • Nature is well made. Do you know that some foods help our skin prepare for the bad deeds of summer? A scientific study revealed that beta-carotene was effective, especially if taken every day, two months before exposure to the sun. Combined with vitamins C and E, this powerful antioxidant protects the skin and speeds up the healing process.
  • Among the fruits, choose orange, peach, apricot, tomato, mango, papaya, melon ... Among the vegetables, go for carrots, broccoli, fennel, lettuce, spinach ... Without forget the fresh parsley on its small dishes!


A carrot juice for your baby in the day is enough for his daily intake of beta-carotene. The largest snack on dried apricots.

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