Stitch an autumn herbarium

Stitch an autumn herbarium

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All in the garden! It's time to pick up autumn leaves and make your most beautiful herbarium with your child. An activity to get closer to nature, to explore from 2 years.

  • No need to go far, the floor of your garden, the square and the small country road is strewn! Show your child the varied colors: reds, bright yellows ... even more with a ray of sunshine. Autumn is a great season to discover.

You do not know anything about leaves?

Go a little effort, no need to be a botanist to observe different forms:

  • Lobed leaveslike those of oak. Have fun passing your child's finger along his little waves.
  • Heart leaves, like those of the lime tree, that it can once dry also offer to his lover (s). Eh eh…
  • The webbed leaves, like those of the chestnut tree: a funny fan!
  • Oblong and serrated leaveslike those of the chestnut tree. You also spot it because there are bugs under the tree ...
  • Show your child that some leaves are prettier than others, very big, not damaged ... hop in the basket!

After, there is nothing to do but to dry

  • Back home, place each sheet between two paper towels: blotting paper or the sheets of your newspaper. Do not hesitate to put several thicknesses, it is necessary that the paper approaches completely the humidity.
  • Put a water pack, or big books, on your newspaper. And let it rest ... until next Wednesday! Then stick your sheets in a small notebook!

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