Nature crafts

Nature crafts

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Nature, a mine of inspiration to tinker and have fun! A man in the grass, a flower garden, an anthill observation, a seasonal flavors ... discover all our crafts around the nature.

What do we do today ? Take advantage of sunny days to propose to your budding DIYers funny ideas of DIY around Nature! Discover all our ideas ... and have fun with your family.

Our DIY nature

Pebble painting

Spring garden

The grassman

The caterpillar pebbles

Video: bird feeder

The herb gardener

The anthill observation

A butterfly at home

Nature crafts

The home garden

The tasty seasonal

Herbarium of the sea

Pebble painting


The chestnut puppet

Piwie the hedgehog


Duck windmill


Village of Indians

Spring messengers

10 brico-shells

Find all our DIY ideas