14 wacky beliefs around baby sex

14 wacky beliefs around baby sex

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Girl or boy ? Ultrasound will tell you if you wish, but some beliefs of grandmothers and popular legends also have their say maybe? We have fun discovering them.

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14 wacky beliefs around baby sex (14 pics)

The moon

1. What does the moon say?

Your baby was conceived between a white moon and a full moon? According to popular belief, it is a boy who will see the light of day. A girl is conceived between a full moon and a white moon. If you are already pregnant, fortunately this legend around lunar cycles and conception is not scientifically supported!

The skin

2. "Sex" in the skin ...

Another popular belief that has hard skin: very dry hands would announce a little guy. Is it the skin of your face that is drying out? Sure, it's a girl ... it's on your face.


3. Nausea makes you sign

If nausea is one of the main signs of pregnancy, it is also a sign that baby's sex can be said. If you do not suffer at the beginning of your pregnancy, you will have a baby boy ... Important morning sickness on the contrary? It would announce the coming of a girl. A little sexist, no?

The dad

4. The dad ... he too has weight

Some dads make a "couvade" during the pregnancy of their companion ... and even take as much weight as it! This is the case of your companion? Boy on the horizon.

The color of the urine

5. The color of the urine ... a real coffee grounds

This is a belief of our amazing grandmothers! Clear urine during pregnancy would announce a little guy and dark urine a girl. And if we alternate the two during these nine months?

The hair

6. A hair close

Another belief a little far-fetched! Loss of volume and red highlights would announce a girl ... And as we are not a hair close, know that if your hair grow faster, it's a boy who grows in your can.


7. A little pink or blue heart?

Did you know ? Still according to popular belief, if your baby's heart rate is greater than 140 beats per minute, this announces a boy. The rhythm is lower? It's a girl. Myth or reality ? The only thing you can be sure of is that your heart rate is going to run high every time you see his little heart beat on ultrasound!

Food preferences

8. Girl or boy, a matter of taste

Salty or sweet cravings? That could well reveal the sex of your future baby! A popular saying states that cravings for pregnant salty announce the birth of a boy. Want sweet? It's a girl.
Know also that the craving for dairy products announces the upcoming arrival of a little guy and that of fruit a girl. Fun, no?

The brown line

9. Follow the line ...

Pregnant, it is common to have a brown line that draws on the belly. This line goes beyond your belly button? You are carrying a girl. Otherwise, it's a boy. Words of grandmothers!

The feet

10. Girl or boy, it's the foot!

Since you are pregnant, do you always feel cold? A boy getting ready? If it's a girl, no change on the horizon. It's the foot as a forecast, right?

The shape of the belly

11. Pointy belly or round belly?

Pointy belly or round belly? According to our grandmothers, a round belly announces a girl. For the boy, it's a pointed belly. Do you wear your baby "high"? This is the sign that you are waiting for a girl ... the boy is "down".
As the weight of beliefs popular is not so reliable, you should know that the shape of the belly depends primarily on your physique, the way your baby is positioned in utero and also the number of your pregnancies. If it's your first baby, your belly will tend to be sharp because your abdominal muscles are not relaxed yet. And that's scientific for the shot!


12. Listen to your desire ...

Pregnancy causes real changes in desire and libido. For our grandmothers, everything is explained! A falling desire is a boy. A girl, she, rather increases the libido. Words of grandmothers!

The white of the eye

13. He or she makes you an eye!

Another nod to this grandmother's belief. If you have the white of the slightly yellow eye, a little girl will be born. If he's perfectly white, he'll be a boy. Do you see more clearly?


14. Girl or boy ... follow the button

To know the sex, just press the button! Do you have acne on your neck and back? Boy in perspective! If the nasty pimples invade your face ... girl in anticipation! Remember that acne is related to hormonal disturbances ... not sure that the sex of the baby has to do with pimples.


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