14 tips to get pregnant

14 tips to get pregnant

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You feel ready to have a baby ... But sometimes, it is not so obvious because it will not be done in a snap of fingers. It will have to move, eat well, prepare, know how to choose the right time to design ... Our advice.

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14 tips to get pregnant (14 photos)

Do not put pressure on yourself!

At what pace to make love, what to eat, it will be necessary to wait for periods of ovulation ... So much to think before conceiving.

At what pace to make love? While some people agree to have sex every other day, others say that to increase your chances even more, you will have to make love every day ... The ideas are divided.

Do not put pressure on yourself, take your time and let yourself go at your own pace and that of your partner. But the principle is simple: the more you make love, the more chances will be on your side!

Our fertility calendar

No stress and relax!

Stress is the number one source of poor fertility! Indeed, during stress, hormones produced by the body will disrupt the sex hormones. So if you had planned to conceive in the next few months, learn now how to manage your stress.

It is normal therefore that we often advise couples to conceive in summer! Women are rather in "relaxed mode" during the holidays.

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Treat your diet!

A healthy and balanced diet is the basis of good health and impeccable form to plan a design! Do not hesitate to invest yourself and fill up with vitamins and minerals.

So, privilege now fruits, vegetables, fish and already learn to "eat well"! And why do not you put both in there ...

One principle: eat balanced and do not make restrictive and restrictive regimes.

What to eat?

Nutrient reserves must be made several months in advance.

We particularly advise to refuel:

- B9 vitamins (folate) for 3 to 4 months before conception to prevent the risk of neurological malformations. Eat green salad, green vegetables (watercress, raw spinach, chickpea), eggs, fruits (melon, walnuts, chestnuts, dried fruits) ...

- iron, which will be beneficial for the mother both during pregnancy, during childbirth and in the postpartum period. The richest iron foods are clams, oysters, cereals, liver, soy beans, white beans, spinach, tofu, sesame seeds ...

- iodine, whose daily needs in pregnant women are increased. Iodine is mainly contained in oysters, mussels and other seafood, milk, yogurt, eggs.

- fibers, which are mainly contained in vegetables.

The full vitamin C for sir!

Eh yes ! Vitamin C has a reputation for enhancing the ability of sperm to move and fertilize the egg. So, do not hesitate anymore! These are essentially fruits: apple, citrus, berry, kiwi, melon, tomato, pineapple and vegetables: peas, cabbage, pepper, potato, ...

Watch out for your weight!

Excess weight, but also leanness, are not the best allies of fertility. So watch your weight - not too fat or too lean - stick to your ideal weight and watch your normal body mass index.
This is also valid for sir!

Spot the ovulation period!

The two or three days before the day of ovulation would be the ideal time for fertilization of the egg.

If your cycle is erratic, create a cycle schedule, but most importantly, do not put pressure on yourself and do not be obsessed with your temperature curve. Make a rough calculation and make love when the desire surprises you!

Calculate the date of ovulation

The temperature curve

In which position to make love?

The position of the missionary would be the ideal position to easily conceive a baby. As gravity dictates, this position would facilitate the passage and progression of spermatozoa to the eggs because ejaculation occurs closer to the cervix.

But do not forget that you must not put pressure on yourself. Do what you think brings pleasure and well-being and everything will be fine.

Make love to get pregnant

An obligatory orgasm?

It is not mandatory to reach orgasm before having a baby. But we are ready for anything when we are decided, are not we?

Nevertheless, scientific studies have shown that the more intense the contractions of the vagina, the more easily the spermatozoa move upwards to the cervix. So, it's up to you!

Give them time for these sperm ...

Yes, give these sperms time to reach their target. After sexual intercourse, lie down for a few minutes before getting up, to give them more time and ... luck!

Our grandmother even told us to stay up in the air for a few minutes after intercourse!

Play sports !

This time, it's not just to refine its silhouette! This is much more, the physical and psychological well-being, the form. You will have a baby, bet on good health and stay prepared! Walking and swimming are the most recommended.

Beware of chemicals!

Yes for clean air, not for a polluted environment. Yes for organic foods, not for foods containing chemicals. For example, Bisphenol A has been widely talked about in recent years.

So avoid paints, solvents, organic compounds, cleaning products, some perfumes and solvents, because these products disturb the sex hormones and the menstrual cycle too. There you are warned!

Stop smoking and alcohol!

We all know that tobacco / alcohol and fertility do not always mix well. These products greatly reduce the chances of fertility. For example, smoking delays fertility by several months and increases the risk of miscarriage.

These products are also harmful for the development of sperm but can also affect the health of the fetus during its conception. So be on your guard and pay attention to passive smoking too!

What else to avoid?

Lubricants would be obstacles to the progression of spermatozoa to the egg.

Some drugs would not be favorable for fertilization. Before using a medicine, do not hesitate to talk to your doctor.

Some excitants like caffeine or cola would also compromise fertilization because negatively impacting ovulation.

Good luck !

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