14 fall crafts for your elves

14 fall crafts for your elves

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Autumn is the season for walks in the forest ... and also DIY at home. Quickly discover our brico recovery ideas unearthed on Pinterest for your elves.

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14 fall crafts for your elves (14 photos)

The elves of the forest

Personalized rolls of toilet paper with paint, leaves and moving eyes for the head, pebbles or buttons for the coat, branches or caterpillar wire for the arms ... these forest elves look great! Pinterest

Owls owls

Chestnuts, acorns, felt ... and that's nice owls! Pinterest

At mushroom picking

These little puppet mushrooms too choupettes are made with an egg box. Just cut, assemble, then decorate ... Attention, they are not edible! Tuto on Pinterest

So cool !

To make these owls, you need rolls of toilet paper, cupcake boxes and cardboard ... They will be perfect perched on a branch. Tuto on Pinterest

Tom the fox

A roll of toilet paper, paint, rope and plastic bottle caps ... If you hang it on a branch or a stick, it'll be a puppet! Tuto on Pinterest

Hedgehog hedgehog

This bristling hedgehog is made with a pine cone, caterpillar wire and ironing beads. Pinterest

Scarecrow head

When a cardboard plate turns into a scarecrow with pieces of felt, a knot and pieces of cardboard ... too funny! Pinterest

Not even afraid !

This beautiful scarecrow is made with flower pots, rope, raffia and burlap. For the face, markers and acrylic paint. Pinterest

Snails are out

Too easy to make, gastropods brown and modeling clay. Pinterest

Beautiful plumage!

With a pine cone and a little felt, tinker a bird of the woods. Pinterest

The scarecrow is here

Here ice sticks! Stick them on a piece of cardboard to make this scarecrow face. Then glue pieces of cardboard (or felt) to make the hat and the nose, stick moving eyes and draw the mouth with a felt. Pinterest

Autumn Ladybug

Did you pick up horse chestnuts with your family? Turn them into a ladybug! Pinterest

Treasure box

To shelter the treasures collected during a walk in the forest, realize this nice idea to put them in a jar! Pinterest


These chestnuts have only one desire ... fly away! Pinterest


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