13 tracks for a fulfilling pregnancy

13 tracks for a fulfilling pregnancy

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Soon mom! It makes you radiant, and a little anxious sometimes too. To keep a good control of these nine months, here are our tips and our good leads.

Karine Ancelet

13 tracks for a fulfilling pregnancy (13 pics)

1. Pamper your body in institute

Do you want to relax, chase away tiredness or simply take care of your body? It's time to treat yourself to some relaxing massage sessions in the cozy space of a beauty salon. A time of rest to relax you. Ask the beautician for a modeling treatment for the face, legs and hands.
Then, many other massages can be proposed to you, as for example the lateralized massage: lying on a table, you are on the side maintained by cushions. The body coated with vegetable oils and milk, you let go. Massages connect all parts of your body: feet, legs, buttocks, hips, back, arms and neck. A passage on the chest, sternum and a single movement on the belly. You then change sides and it's gone again.

2. Become a follower of Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the oldest medicine in the world, Ayur means "life, strength" and veda "knowledge". Ayurvedic institutes offer prenatal massages from the 3rd month of pregnancy until the end. They accompany the various transformations of the body and take into account the emotional state of the future mother.
During a session, your body, with the exception of the belly, is first coated with warm organic sesame oil. The massage is done by pressure on specific areas of the body. You are lying, naked, on the side or on the back, well wedged with cushions. If you are modest, a thin sheet is placed on your body and moved at the discretion of the massage. Depending on the stage of your pregnancy, some parts are more or less worked. With this technique, you can even enjoy your baby's first massage in utero.
Where to inquire ayurveda-france.org

3. Get back to work with the thalasso

Rest, relaxation, fitness. Feel free to escape one week after taking advice from your doctor. The cures are carried out between the 3rd and the 6th month of pregnancy. On the program: affusion showers, relaxing water jets, water aerobics, prenatal massages (massages) and a dietary consultation. You can also choose to follow a cure "special heavy legs". Attention, all the centers do not offer cures "special future mother".
Where to inquire france-thalasso.com

4. Get on with acupuncture

Acupuncture brings a real answer to the evils of pregnancy. It is effective against anxiety, irritability, vomiting in the first months, back pain and sciatica due to baby's weight in the third trimester. It also helps to solve the problems of gastric reflux and insomnia and promotes relaxation.
However, you must be careful: choose an acupuncturist initiated in obstetrics, because some points, especially on the legs and hands, are prohibited during the first months.
Where to inquire medecines-douces.com

5. Facilitate your digestion

The more your belly rounds and the more your digestive tract is compressed, which can lead to constipation. To facilitate your intestinal transit, choose foods rich in fiber. Prepare meals with vegetables such as leeks, green beans, eggplants, and do not mix them. Be careful, the excess of fibers is irritating.
Try to eat regularly avoiding big meals. Drink in moderation. Drink water at will. It weighs down the food inside the digestive tract, thus facilitating the transit and rapid evacuation of toxins.

6. Positve with sophrology

Inspired by hypnosis, sophrology is a relaxation therapy that combines relaxation and mental concentration. Used throughout the pregnancy, it calms anxieties, eliminates tension and allows to fully experience childbirth. As long as you are ready to spend time, because its effectiveness requires training.
It is practiced individually or in a group, it's up to you. In a comfortable position, sitting or standing, the work is based on breathing, gestures and positive memories. Sophrology can also be approached as part of a preparation for birth. This technique is reimbursed if you are followed by a sophrologist or midwife as part of a preparation for birth.
Where to inquire sophrologie.com

7. Save your legs

Your rounded belly, which must be worn, the influx of hormones related to your pregnancy, all this disrupts your circulation. To ease your legs, practice walking and think of sliding a cushion under your feet when you are in bed or in front of the TV. Dare a few cold showers, going up from the feet to the pelvis, and for quick relief, massage from ankle to thigh along the muscles. For the thighs, move from the inside to the outside with large circular motions.
If you really suffer, if your legs tend to swell, do not wait: go to the physiotherapist for lymphatic drainage sessions. This technique is to boost the lymphatic circulation through a series of gentle pressures manually performed along the legs, from bottom to top. The elimination of toxins and water being accelerated, the legs deflate. To be done once a week, after seeking the advice of your doctor.

8. Make life come true

Due to an influx of hormones, your gums are particularly fragile and can catch fire, especially in the last two quarters. Some women also suffer from gastroesophageal acid reflux. To prevent your teeth from getting damaged, take care of them.
Brush your teeth after every meal and at the slightest concern, do not hesitate to make an appointment with your dentist.
More about the health of your pregnant teeth

9. Practice shiatsu or the art of Japanese massage

Shiatsu, which means "pressure" (atsu) of the "fingers" (shi), is to stimulate points of the body or face through which the meridians pass. During a shiatsu massage, you will be supported by pillows. The pressures are with the thumbs, elbows and knees. It's up to you to choose the sitting or lying position which offers you a real relaxation!
Shiatsu will calm your muscle and joint pains. It is also very effective against the excesses of nervousness and abdominal discomfort caused by insistent kicking of your baby.
Shiatsu can be chosen for comfortable birth preparation and to maintain control of yourself. You will learn how to locate the tensions in your body and release them consciously.
Where to inquire ffst.fr

10. Move

The sport tones the muscles and provides a great well-being. Never force and ban any violent activity. The more months go by, the more you will slow down, of course!
Choose several short sessions rather than one long one. Warm up and practice sports that improve venous return, abdominal muscles and endurance. Swimming is very suitable for future moms.
What pregnant sport?

11. Practice qigong

The regular practice of soft gymnastics such as qigong provides immediate stimulating effects, relaxation and good stress management.
Perfect during pregnancy, qigong offers exercises that harmonize body and mind. based on three principles: the controls of movement, breathing and thought.
Where to inquire www.medecines-douces.eu

12. Learn how to care

Remind your family that on maternity leave there is the word "leave": you need to rest. The solution, involve everyone in household chores. Get help from the family or a housekeeper.
You can also use state-approved home care providers. You will receive a tax deduction. With a certain advantage: more administrative and social formalities, more employer responsibility, the provider takes care of everything.
Where to inquire At your Caf or your town hall and on www.services-aux particuliers.com

13. Watch over your sleep

It is important to find the right position. Opt for the fetal position on the side, a pillow under your head, or for the position on the back, legs folded to reduce lumbar lordosis, not to mention the cushion under your knees. Mattresses and soft pillows are to flee.
Try to go to bed every day at the same time and especially not too late. Use herbal teas like verbena or lemon balm for their digestive qualities, linden, chamomile, passionflower or lemon balm for their soothing action. For a faster and longer lasting effect, drink your herbal tea just before going to bed.
All our information on pregnant sleep

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