Do-it-yourself: the chestnut puppet

Do-it-yourself: the chestnut puppet

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"Hello, I'm the puppet-chestnuts! Autumn is my friend ... and you too!" Here is a funny and green diy to propose to your child after a walk in the woods.


  • 12 chestnuts
  • 3 rosehips
  • A dry flower
  • A dead leaf
  • A tendril
  • A needle and solid thread
  • 2 toothpicks
  • A black felt
  • Scotch tape

Production :

1. Pierce the chestnuts with the tendril (ask for help from an adult if needed). Make two holes for four of the chestnuts, one for the others.

2. Using the needle, thread the thread into the chestnuts as shown. Begin by threading the thread to one of the legs (let out a little thread down), go up to the top, let a loop overtake above the head and go back down. Tie knots down the legs to hold the chestnuts.

3. Repeat two holes in the chestnut under the head and insert a toothpick on each side to make the arms. Thread a rose hip onto each toothpick for your hands. Draw the eyes in the felt on the light side of the chestnut and glue another bay for the nose. With the adhesive, glue the flower upside down to make the hat.

4. Thread yarn into the leaf and tie it in the middle to make a skirt. Now, slip your index finger in the top loop and move the legs of your puppet ... That's Cling-Cling!


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