13 Christmas crafts with cardboard plates

13 Christmas crafts with cardboard plates

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To keep your elves busy this holiday season (and with great impatience), offer them these simple Christmas crafts with cardboard plates. They will add ribbons, cotton, buttons, gouache, sequins ... here are our ideas of tutos unearthed on Pinterest.

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13 Christmas crafts with cardboard plates (13 pics)

Christmas heroes

Rudolph the reindeer, Santa Claus, the snowman ... made with cardboard plates, cotton balls, scrapbooking paper, pipe cleaners, ribbon, pompoms, etc., these are fun characters for enter the Christmas spirit. See the tutorial


Is he on his plate Santa Claus?

A cut plate, paint, cardboard, a tassel, moving eyes ... and here's Santa Claus. See the tutorial


The Snowman

It will not melt this snowman ... but melt your elves of happiness when they will have fun realizing it. Do not forget to put on his scarf! See the tutorial


Nice plate!

A very nice DIY easy to do that will make a sensation hanging in the tree. See the tutorial


Invite Santa's reindeer

He is Rudolph and he will love to be fixed on the wall to watch the preparations for the party. See the tutorial


Frosty the snowman

A pretty head ... on which you can glue glitter to make believe that Frosty the snowman shines in the snow. See the tutorial


Minnie smiles

Do you have Disney fans at home? This Minnie will love to celebrate Christmas with them. See the tutorial


The crown of the advent

To wait before Christmas, propose to your elves to realize this beautiful crown of the advent. A paper plate cut in the center, paper deco and voila! See the tutorial



A folded cardboard plate, cardboard, old buttons ... a fun eco-friendly tree. Pinterest

The Christmas wreath

She hides a paper plate under her pretty decor. A DIY for the biggest and the followers of the folding. See the tutorial


It's not wrong!

They are funny bells made of cardboard plates folded cone-shaped and decorated with pipe cleaners and balls of modeling clay. In addition, they will not ring. See the tutorial


What beautiful woods

With its pine needles and its little red nose, the reindeer Rudolph invites himself to the party. See the tutorial


Put on your hat!

Funny cups (but not hot) to make with cardboard plates, double-sided tape, rubber foam and stickers. See the tutorial



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