13. Striped hat

13. Striped hat

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A cap with vitamin colors to protect your baby's head. Presented in the March 2011 issue of, it is knitted in striped jersey.

Sizes: a) 3 months / 6 months - b) 12 months / 18 months


Cabotine quality from Phildar

1 ball of honey color

1 pool color Swimming pool

1 ball of color Eyelet

Phil green quality

1 ball color Tomette

Needles n ° 3,5

Points used

Jersey place: * 1 row in place, 1 row in reverse *, always repeat these 2 rows

Jersey backing: * 1 row in reverse, 1 row in place *, repeat these 2 rows

Garter stitch: everything in place (1 bar = 2 rows of garter st)

Jersey striped:

a) 16 rows - b) 20 rows Honey

10 rows of jacquard (see diagram)

Finish color Eyelet


It is essential to the realization of a knitting with the good dimensions.

10 cm stockinette stitch, Cabotine quality, needles size 3.5 = 21 sts. and 30 rows

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