Moving is good!

Moving is good!

Over the months, the psychomotor abilities of your child have been affirmed: from maintaining his head while he was still a baby, to the first steps through the 4 legs or turnarounds, not a day or almost did not passed without improving his mobility, his coordination and his sense of balance.

  • From the nursery or the small kindergarten section, your child learns "to act and express himself with his body". Physical activities, about 30 minutes a day, are an opportunity for him to explore and act in familiar environments, then progressively more unusual.
  • Moving in a space by responding to instructions and controlling one's actions, knowing one's right and left, or being invested in one's body will give him the means to be more receptive. Move and balance, overcome an obstacle: your toddler learns to react and achieve a performance. He gradually understands how to take a calculated risk.

At the end of the section, he will know in principle:

  • adapt your movements to different environments or constraints,
  • cooperate and oppose individually or collectively,
  • accept collective constraints,
  • to find one's bearings and to move about in space,
  • express yourself on a musical rhythm or not, with an instrument or not,
  • express feelings and emotions through gesture and movement,
  • describe or represent a simple path. What progress in perspective!

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