12 pencil pots to do for the fall season

12 pencil pots to do for the fall season

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Cans, rolls of toilet paper, bottles of shampoo, ice cream sticks, boxes of crisps aperitif ... this year for the new season, we propose to tinkering with pencil pots too funny with your children.

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Karine Ancelet

12 pencil pots to do for the fall season (12 pics)

Too Minion the pencil pot

Too minion! To achieve it, you will need foam board, glue, felts and a tin can!


Pencil pots that give the smile

Rolls of toilet paper, colored paper ... it does not take more to create fun boxes that give the smile.


Pencil pots for little monsters

There, they are shampoo boxes that have been recycled into little monsters with cardstock, moving eyes, chenille thread, marker. Monstrously good!


Do not touch my pencil pot!

A tin can, ice sticks, glue ... then we personalize with paint and handprints. Hands off !


The cuddly pencil pots

With old plastic bottles, paint and colored pens ... make beautiful pencil holders for your kittens!


The frog pencil pot

Made with a plastic bottle and rubber moss ... a frog who's having fun making himself useful!


The pencil pot robot

Here is a box of crisps for the drink tube shaped that was recycled in a robot ... A tutorial explained step by step.


Animals pencil pots

A clever tutorial to make ravishing pencil pots with cans.


Girly this recycled pencil pot

In this tutorial, we explain how to recycle 100% girly an old pencil pot.


Pencil pots make the wall

These monsters made with bottles of shampoo decided to make the wall ...


Well-preserved pencil pots!

Painted cans ... a family of pandas. Too soft !


Designer pencil pot

Or how to recycle ice sticks! To stick on a pot and a base. We like the storage for the eraser!



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