12 brico-jokes for back to school

12 brico-jokes for back to school

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Back in school, your schoolchildren may have already wanted to prepare and occupy their little fingers! Propose them to do together these fun (and useful) crafts and with materials often recycling.

Karine Ancelet

All our crafts of re-entry

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12 brico-jokes for back to school (12 photos)

Over here the panda kit

A kawai kit to make together, what do you think? See the Pinterest tutorial

Pikachu loves to write

Pokemon fans will love it! See the Pinterest tutorial

It's in the pocket (head)

She will box this idea! See the Pinterest tutorial

Panda, do you keep my keys?

Offered on Madame Lemon's website, a great idea for her key! See the Pinterest tutorial

My cardboard week

A DIY that will card and help him organize his week! See the Pinterest tutorial

Bookmarks on the page

Nothing better to devour books than to have pretty bookmarks! This very easy folding activity will delight the little fingers! See the Pinterest tutorial

A kit too cute and unique

An instant sewing to share with the greatest ... the realization of a pretty kit in fabric, to decline according to your stock of fabric and the tastes of your schoolboy! See the Pinterest tutorial

A week-end, good idea!

Back to school is synonymous with new organization! And if you planned with your loulous the realization of this very practical semainier? See the Pinterest tutorial

Back to school tubes

It looks almost quivers, and they are likely to fury with friends these pencil tubes of the season! To achieve them, you will need cardboard paper tubes or rolls of paper towels. See the Pinterest tutorial

Kawai pouch

A Hello Kitty sling pouch (or tablet) ... that should please! And your budding designers will love giving you a hand to make it happen. See the Pinterest tutorial

Girly pens!

Have nice pens in her kit, explain that you too, his grandma, also adored this little and make duet this very easy tutorial. See the Pinterest tutorial

Tidying up ? It's in the box !

Boxes of tea, rice, pasta ... and if you realize together a beautiful storage box for his office. Here is a girly model but you can go on and on with all kinds of paper rolls. Nice, no? Pinterest


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