12 Santa's Crafts

12 Santa's Crafts

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Oh oh oh ! Who goes there with his white beard? For your little addicts of Santa Claus and the decor, here are 12 cool ideas of DIY crafts found on Pinterest.

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12 DIY Santa Claus (12 photos)

We frame Santa Claus

A photo frame in felt that will make a nice gift idea ... for grandpa maybe? See the tutorial


We hang Santa Claus

This Santa Claus in corrugated cardboard will be the most effect hanging on the branches of the tree! See the tutorial


We pack Santa

Here are small gift wrappings with the image of Santa to hang on the tree (hush, we will not say they are with old rolls of toilet paper!). See the tutorial


We help Santa to get out of his shell

What if we painted scallops to decorate the house? Then stick mobile eyes and a pearl for the nose. An idea that can also be declined with large shells. Pinterest

We put Santa in a box

How to turn an old cheese box into a beautiful treasure box? Fastoche! See the tutorial


We invite Santa in the kitchen

With wooden spoons and paint, it's easy to make beautiful Santa Claus heads. See the tutorial


We touch wood with Santa

We ask the older ones (the parents) to cut wooden slices and we paint ... A blow of drill at the top and hop, we hang where we want! See the tutorial


We coconut Santa Claus

For this sweet DIY, you need cleansing disks, cardboard, a pen ... and that's it! See the tutorial


We recycle Santa

Plastic cups or egg boxes for the hat, rolls of toilet paper, felt (or cardboard), cotton, buttons, mobile eyes ... the beautiful Santa Claus here! See tutorial 1


See tutorial 2


We help Santa to feel on his plate

A cut plate, paint, cardboard, a tassel, moving eyes ... and here is Santa Claus on his plate! See the tutorial


We give the hand to Santa

The handprint of your elves turned into deco fir tree salt paste, you tempted? See the tutorial


We brush Santa in the direction of the hair

There, they are recycled brushes for parties, too beautiful! See the tutorial



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