11 resolutions that give the smile

11 resolutions that give the smile

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Go, promised, sworn, this year we decided to do good! No question here to take "big" resolutions, but just take advantage of 11 small tips to be a good mom in his sneakers in 2019!

Marie Auffret-Pericone

11 resolutions that give the smile (11 pics)

Learning to say "no" is essential

No, it is not possible to have a visit to the pediatrician in a single weekend, a Sunday afternoon at the parents-in-law's home, a few hours at the gym, a movie, a little time for yourself , a little time for his couple, a dinner with friends ... and a nap because we're tired! No way to continue on the same pace as when we did not have children. Yes, we will have to make choices. Revisiting our claims downward, it necessarily means a renunciation ... And in renunciation, there is "no"! We learn to say "no", calmly, firmly and above all definitely. What to gain in serenity.

Afraid to do wrong? Stop, we calm down

The fear of making mistakes with our children sometimes paralyzes us. But in terms of education, there is no irreversible error from the moment when we rely on a few ingredients: love, presence, good will, firmness, but also enough flexibility to adjust our behavior as our child grows up.

A super-network, happiness

Some live close to their mother's arch-available for children, others know their city on the fingertip ... What is the trick of these mothers jovial and relaxed? A network that allows them to free time: they enjoy crèche parties, meetings of parents of pupils, chatter in the square to know other families, to set up a foolproof organization of services between mothers ... At once smart and nice!

The rhythm of children, a model to follow

Rather than blaming our children for taking their time because we do not know how to take ours, let's try to follow their rhythm! An idea to take? Invent a ritual, they love and they are the champions for that! It does not matter which one we will choose together: to dine around a candle every Wednesday evening with a nice cover, to make a cake with yogurt on Sunday and to taste it during a snack ... The important thing is not to derogate and not to do it quickly. What is the purpose of this ritual? To take a stop on images, to take a break: it forces to break the whirlwind of everyday life, to stop, to reconnect with oneself and others. It's a moment of sharing, stolen at times that go too fast, a privileged and protected moment.

Talk about the next day, a good evening ritual

Take a few minutes each night talking about the next day, it helps. First, because it reassures children before falling asleep. When they know the program, they also have less the impression that we decide for them. Then, because they will refresh our memory ... They will remind us for example that "tomorrow, we have swimming pool!" And that we must prepare the swimsuit.

Stop the invasion of objects!

Once a month, we class, we tidy ... and we throw! This big vacuum cleaning saves a lot of time all year long (we do not have to ransack the house to find the last bill from the garage) and save space. To reduce the pile of mail, let us sort it out quickly by throwing away at useless advertisements and mail. By managing our bank accounts directly over the Internet and opting for direct debits, we also limit paperwork.

"Because it's like that ..." Good answer!

"Why are you doing this, why are you doing this ..." It's annoying all his questions all the time? Our child surely tries to "occupy the ground" with us by capturing our attention, whatever the subject. So, it's decided: we grant ourselves the right to answer him nicely: "Because it's like that!" No but ...

Humor ... it works with children

Yes Yes, it's possible ! He does not want to eat ? No problem, we are going to devour his delicious mashed carrots. Surprise effect assured and counterattack expected. Not sure he agrees!

Leave room for dad

To allow our man to fully enjoy his child and give us a real break, why not plan a "daddy day", at least once a month, just for them, just for us all alone ! Tenderness and complicity for them, shopping or relaxation for us (but especially not shopping or cleaning.) Result: everyone is in a good mood!

Anticipate the bottle of the night

Of course, those who chose to breastfeed do not have this problem. But if our baby needs a bottle at night, it is perfectly possible to prepare it the day before and store it in the fridge. When we wake up at 3 am, we will appreciate having to warm it up ... and we will not be bad mothers anyway!

Planning with your family, a good plan

Why not invest in a nice calendar to post in the kitchen on which to note our personal obligations and the various meetings of the family: school party, weekend at the grandparents ... Not a fan of the formula calendar ? The common agenda, to put next to the phone, will do just fine. What to avoid the "you never told me!" Or "you did not warn me!" And reduce the clashes that poison daily life. So much time gained to exchange sweet words ...


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