Feed your child well

Feed your child well

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Giving the best to your child is the wish of every parent. Even more when it comes to food. Milk, faithful ally of his health to his great menus through diversification, find some of the tips from our new issue of the collection "The Essentials of 39 truths to feed your child", sold with the number of April of.

My milk to me, there is no better!

Recommended by the health authorities, breast milk is the food that is naturally best suited to the needs of your infant. Rich in antibodies, it protects against infections and possible allergies.

Zoom on the milk.

From spoonful to bowl of soup

During the first year, it is still the milk that covers its nutritional needs and not the vegetables and fruits introduced in low doses. It is a question of awakening his taste buds.

Diversify, it's won!

An innate taste for sweetness

Acid, bitter, salty ... your infant comes into the world with a sense of taste and already a clear preference for sweet. And this love story between sugar and him starts in uterine life.

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From 0 to the end of the 4th month: how much milk does he need?

In breast or bottle, what are the milk needs of your toddler his first months? Does it drink enough? Does he have everything he needs? Follow our clues.

Its needs.

The more organic it is, the better?

Eating organic is your credo and it is not the proliferation of organic products in most supermarkets that will contradict you ... but is it really good for your child?

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