11 movies to see in family

11 movies to see in family

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They have rocked our childhood and are truly unforgettable ... Who does not remember a cult movie, replicas repeated by heart and heart ... So, why not watch these "must-see" movies with your children, and share your memories? Here is a selection of 11 films to rediscover with your little ones ... prepare the popcorn ... the session will begin!

11 movies to see as a family (12 pics)

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They have rocked our childhood and are truly unforgettable ... Who does not remember a cult movie, replicas repeated by heart and heart ... So, why not watch these "must-see" movies with your children, and share your memories? Here is a selection of 15 films to rediscover with your little ones ... prepare the popcorn ... the session will begin!

From 8 years old: Billy Elliot

80s in England. Billy is 11 years old. At home, it's not pink every day. His mother is dead. His father and brother are on strike, like all the other miners in this northern village. One day by chance, the young boy, registered with no conviction in boxing, attends the dance class, which is given next. Fascinated, he returns and devotes himself to it with passion. But his father discovers his secret and opposes it violently ...
Against a background of social revolt, a beautiful lesson of courage through the destiny of a young boy who will not give up his dreams.
By Stephen Daldry, UK, 2000, 1:40, StudioCanal.
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From 6 years: Matilda

Matilda is a surprisingly early girl. At 4, she read John Steinbeck, Jane Austen, Charles Dickens. Alas, her parents are as distressing as she is great and place her in a school run by a torturer. Fortunately, Matilda will also meet the delicious teacher Miss Candy and, to resist, develop funny powers. This film is faithfully adapted from Roal Dahl's novel which tackles a delicate subject: abuse. But read him also the novel. The smoothness and fun of Roald Dahl unfortunately can not be totally in a film, even excellent.
By Danny de Vito, United States, Gaumont, 1 h 34.
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From 10 years old: Some like it hot

Gunshots, fizz, if the story is a little complicated at first for your movie buff, explain that the two jazz musicians (Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis) find themselves in a trap. To hide, they mingle with a female band. Obviously both fall in love with the sublime Alouette who prefers a billionaire. Nobody is perfect! It's great to be 10 years old and discover for the first time a Hollywood musical, kidnapped, funny and brilliant, and with it the myth: Marilyn!
By Billy Wilder, United States, 1959, 2:10.
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From 4 years old: The Wizard of Oz

"Somewhere over the rainbow" ... years later, we still get goose bumps while listening to young Judy Garland, one of the most beautiful voices in Hollywood. The story is magical: Following a tornado in Kansas, Dorothy is sucked into a parallel universe with her dog Toto. To find her way, she must find the Wizard of Oz. On the road, she will cross the scarecrow who lacks brains, the iron man who has no heart (very nice anyway) and the lion devoid of courage. All needing help, go with him to meet the magician too. But the Evil Witch of the East is blocking their way ... A charm, an emotion, a poetry intact and we do not care that the special effects have taken a bit of old ...
By Victor Fleming, United States, 1939, 1 h 42.
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From 6 years old: Donkey skin

A king, mad with grief at having lost his wife, swears that he will marry only the most beautiful princess of the kingdom. It turns out that it's ... his daughter. On the advice of the fairy, her godmother, the princess in despair demands the impossible: the skin of the donkey kingdom that lays gold. Love, love ... Everything is dreaming in this princess film: the blonde beauty of Catherine Deneuve, the unforgettable dresses, the castle of Chambord, the songs of Jacques Demy. And then, this tale of Perrault amazing strength and talking about incest remains subversive. It allows to recall clearly, and beautifully by the voice of Delphine Seyrig, to "your big" not quite out of the Oedipus: "My child, we never marry his parents."
By Jacques Demy, according to Charles Perrault, according to the novel by Roald Dahl, Ciné Tamaris, 1 h 30.
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From 5 years old: Charlie and the chocolate factory

Charlie, 10, dreams of winning, one of five gold tickets hiding in chocolate bars Willy Wonka. The super lot? a visit to the famous chocolate factory with Willy Wonka, the director, in person. To say paradise for this little guy who at home shares with his eight grandparents a single piece! A lucky day, he finds a ticket in the street ... With this film adapted from the most famous novel by Roal Dahl, your little moviegoer will delightfully regress. Kitschy chocolate fountains, eccentric characters, rotten spoiled kids and punishments up to scratch. A feast.
By Tim Burton, USA, 2005, Warner, 1:55.
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From 6 years: The adventures of Pinocchio

What is not the surprise of Gepetto, a poor carpenter, to note that the puppet that he is carving starts to speak. He who dreamed of having a child! In the night, the Turquoise fairy fulfills her wish and transforms the wooden puppet into a real little boy: Pinocchio. But this little man keeps his head hard: he disobeys his father, follows scoundrels and lies like a tooth scraper. His nose lengthens ... From the novel by Collodi, this film unfolds the adventures of this savage. Lively, funny, but frightfully selfish, we are attached to it as the young actor (Andrea Balestri) is remarkable. Nino Manfredi (Gepetto) and Gina Lollobrigida (fairy) are also beautiful. Be careful, this movie is long, watch it in two or three times to enjoy it even better.
By Luigi Comencini, Italy, 1972, 2:25.
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From 6 years old: The Adventures of Rabbi Jacob

Victor Pivert, a racist and pessimistic businessman, finds himself involved in a settling of accounts between Arab activists. Taken hostage, he is forced to impersonate the chief rabbi, Rabbi Jacob, just about to land for a ceremony in Paris. This comedy, which advocates tolerance, is of course excessive and frugal. Your movie buff is a Louis de Funès grimacing, irascible and over-excited in this custom role. You will see with him the cult scenes: the actor dripping chewing gum or invited to enter a dance street Rosiers ... Of course, we laugh!
By Gerard Oury, French, 1973, 1 h 40.
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From 6 years old: The Adventures of Robin Hood

Party in crusade, King Richard Lionheart is taken prisoner. But in the Kingdom of England, his brother John, opportunist and authoritarian, does not want him to come back. Far from paying the required ransom, he usurps his place on the throne. Hidden in the forest of Sherwood, a small group of outlaws led by the brave Robin Hood, will resist ... Love (with the mythical couple Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland), action, betrayal ... Sure that this film of cape and sword will make dream your princes, princesses and knights ... In addition, it does not lack humor!
Michael Curtiz and William Keighley, United States, 1938, 1:40.
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From 10 years old: West Side Story

In New York, in the 1950s, the Sharks (Puerto Ricans) and the Jets (Irish-American) are fighting a merciless war on the streets. But one evening the former leader of the gang of Jets (repented), cross the pretty Maria, the sister of the leader of the Sharks ... Love at first sight and love impossible in this beautiful musical that ends badly. We cry, but it's enchanting. A highlight of cinema with unforgettable songs and choreographies, and New Yoooork in the background ...
By Robert Wise, music by Leonard Bernstein, 1961, MGM Gaumont, 2:25.
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From 4 years: The Kid

A baby is abandoned with just a small word in his pram asking the person who finds him to love him. Obviously who's going through that? Charlot! It's a hilarious film (you have to see Charlot learn good manners from his offspring), but just as poignant. Your little moviegoer will never forget the desperation of the child that is snatched from his father, incredible Jackie Coogan at age 5! Laugh and cry together on this sublime melodrama that speaks of misery and social injustice.
By Charlie Chaplin, USA, black and white, 1921, 1:08, MK2.
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