11 DIY candy bags for Halloween

11 DIY candy bags for Halloween

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Halloween, great day of candy hunting for little demons. And if you offered them to make funny bags to collect them and boxes monstrously fun to keep them.

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Karine Ancelet

11 DIY candy bags for Halloween (11 photos)

Ghosts buster

The best candy hunters on Hallowwen's day are the ghosts, of course! These cute little boxes have fangs ...


Witch broom sweets bag

Made with paper bags, scotch or raffia and small branches or bits of wood ... this Halloween brico will bewitch your demons.


Hungry vampire

This bat made with cardboard is assoifée candy ... no blood!


We put the monsters in boxes

Cardboard, markers and moving eyes ... and here are funny bags to hide his sweets. Hands off !


Mystery packaging

3 tutorials to re-pack packaging for chocolate bars ... something to thrill with pleasure.


Bat flying

When rolls of toilet paper turn into bat candy boxes ... it's demonic.


Batman hunter

To save your Halloween treasures, a beautiful Batman cardboard box to personalize with his first name.


Bags of mischief

Customize the fashionable tote bag Halloween, a good idea!


The black cat of Halloween

This black cat made with cardboard plates has a big hunger


Here ghosts

Ghost bags in felt very easy to make


High fashion bags

To be made by the biggest (or the moms), bags that have the pace



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