Baby in the tropics: good idea?

Baby in the tropics: good idea?

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"Exotic" destinations are getting cheaper and offer true sun insurance. Is it reasonable with a baby? The answer is common sense: no, if you have doubts about the sanitary conditions of the country; yes, if you have the assurance that they are correct ... Which does not exclude, in the second case, certain precautions.

Before leaving

Make sure you know

  • "To know the health situation and the medical devices of the country where you intend to take your child, call the embassy, ​​the consulate or the airline concerned and you will be given a useful list of French-speaking doctors.

Get him vaccinated

  • "The baby - or the child - who is going to travel must be healthy and properly vaccinated, a visit to the doctor is necessary to verify that your baby is up to date with his vaccines and then if vaccinations against diphtheria, polio, tuberculosis, whooping cough and tetanus are needed before departure.
  • Vaccinations specific to certain countries in Africa and the Middle East may be needed: meningococcal vaccination, hepatitis B and hemophilus influenzae (responsible for meningitis). If the stay in Africa exceeds fifteen days, it will be requested a vaccination against yellow fever ... which can be practiced only from 1 year. If the child is older, it may disturb him for several days, plan to make him do it the day before a weekend.
  • The vaccines against typhoid and cholera are not of great interest, unless there is a risk of epidemic (in this case, it is better to cancel the trip ...).
  • Good to know : For the effectiveness of vaccines to be complete, find out one or two months before departure.

Plan from here what can happen to him there

  • "The doctor will prescribe basic pediatric medicines (antipyretics, antidiarrheals, disinfectant solutions ...) and ... a treatment against malaria.It is enough of a mosquito bite of the parasite to be contaminated. syrup, to be taken every day, from the start and for a month, even a month and a half, after the return.
  • To complete this benefit measure, purchase a mosquito net that you spray daily - in the absence of your toddler - with a mosquito product.
  • If your baby is being treated, take enough medication to complete the prescription. On-site equivalents are not recommended. You must bring your own health record.

During the stay

Far from the sun obviously

  • Protect it from heatstroke, installing it during the hottest hours in a cool, airy room. Let him sleep soundly. It will do him a lot of good.
  • Do not expose it to the sun.
  • Make it drink regularly a mineral water capsulated or sterilized by boiling or filtered and then treated chemically.

Sun and heat: all our advices

Out of reach of parasites

  • Choose cotton clothes and iron them on both sides to kill all the "wicked beasts".
  • If you are breastfeeding, continue breastfeeding for the duration of your stay. If you give him the bottle, plan widely boxes of his usual milk, it is not sure that you find on your vacation.
  • If it has changed to a diversified food, plan there again small enough pots.
  • If it "eats like a big one", no meat, fish or raw vegetables, but eaten very cooked. The fruits peeled by your care can be offered to him raw.
  • It is with the water, mineral or treated, that you will give him to drink, that you will wash his hands (and yours too) and the teeth. If you give him a bath in the bath of your hotel room or bungalow, clean all his little wounds before dipping him in the water and make sure he does not drink "to play". Once out of the bath, clean his small sores again.
  • Swim in fresh water: rivers or ponds are formally discouraged.

On return

  • "Any rise in high fever, or febrile seizure, from the seventh day of your return must immediately have you consulted.The result of treatment depends on the precocity of its establishment."


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