Baby barefoot: it's good for walking

Baby barefoot: it's good for walking

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If there is a time when not only is it possible but desirable that your baby does without shoes, it is well before walking, during all this period when he realizes that his foot belongs to his body and that he can reserve him surprising discoveries.

  • Your toddler does not yet know that his "feet are made to walk", so he uses them to explore the world of sensations. Just as his hands, his feet go to the discovery of the materials: the soft, the rough, the prick ... As it did for his fingers, your baby submits his toes to the appreciation of his tongue and his mouth.
  • The feet of your baby are very receptive and it enchants: they contract with cold and tickling, they participate, from heel to toe, the great thrill that runs throughout his body when his tongue is surprised by the the acidity of a fruit, when it starts to rattle or sneeze ... But they relax as voluptuously under the caresses of your hand or those of the bath water.
  • By the time your baby goes on a four-legged expedition, he can take support on them to return to a sitting position ... and take advantage of it to try to catch little toes on his toes that are lying within reach. Baby games ... but that allow the arch to grow and his ankles to untie. To engage in all this learning, the foot needs to be totally free.
  • To go out, however, equip your toddler with a good pair of socks more or less thick in temperate seasons and soft leather boots to screen cold, from the middle of autumn to early spring.


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