Ballerina: the trailer

Ballerina: the trailer

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with your young film buff from 4 years old, the cartoon Ballerina is a beautiful story of friendship on classical dance background with a live dive behind the scenes of the Opera.

What is the story ?

Félicie, a young Breton orphan, has only one passion: to dance. With his best friend Victor who, he, would like to become a great inventor, they develop a fantastic plan to escape the orphanage, direction Paris, city of light and its Eiffel Tower under construction! Félicie will have to fight as never before, to surpass herself and learn from her mistakes to realize her craziest dream: to become a star dancer at the Paris Opera ...

Release date: December 14, 2016
Duration: 1h 29
A French-Canadian film by: Eric Summer, Eric Warin

Production : Eric Summer, Eric Warin
Montage: Eric Summer, Eric Warin
Production : Eric Summer, Eric Warin