Baby-blues: it is useful!

Baby-blues: it is useful!

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This moment when you are going to cry for a yes or a no, you watch for it. Your mother, your sister or your friends went there and told you. You are unbeatable on the subject! Rather than dreading the first tears of the after birth, rejoice! Because this baby-blues will help you become a mother. Explanations.

In general, the baby blues occurs between the 3rd and 5th day after birth and goes away as it came after two weeks. The responsibles ? Hormones, falling sharply after childbirth. Do not see him as an unwanted guest, because "this period of mild and transitory depression has a usefulness, a function, explains Moussa Nabati *, psychoanalyst.The best way to make fruitful this episode full of tears and doubts is No doubt not to fight, to welcome serenely, that's how it will be the most painless and the most beneficial for you!

Baby blues helps you mourn your pregnancy

  • Of course, you are the happiest mom to finally hold your baby in your arms. Still, your belly seems desperately empty ... "It's not always easy for a woman to give up that feeling of fullness she could have during her pregnancy." Until then, she was not only full of her inner child, but also the center of attention of her entourage.After childbirth, she sees her belly empty and must accept to lose some of the attentions and love of his spouse who refers to the child ", analyzes the specialist. So normal to have big on the heart!
  • Just as fever indicates an infection but also participates in the process of healing and the mobilization of immune defenses, the baby blues reveals this difficult passage for the mother and at the same time facilitates it. "This little depression makes it possible to go to the end of the transition between full and empty, help that the page is really turned!", Insists Moussa Nabati. The baby-blues promotes a "big housekeeping", it avoids a nostalgia that would not be expressed on the moment reappears later, in a few months. Thanks to him, you manage to truly mourn your big belly. And if you start a second pregnancy later, it will be to satisfy a real desire for a child and not to fill a feeling of emptiness!

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