10 first names "pill" for baby

10 first names "pill" for baby

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Give a baby a pill name? It is sometimes the choice of some parents for their baby "made in pill". Hard to swallow? By necessity, it can also make a beautiful name (and nice memories).

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10 first names "pill" for baby (11 pics)


Originally from Albania or Italy, Mirena is a name that also echoes the contraceptive of the same name. Originally from Albania or Italy, Mirena is one of those who know what they want. As for character, Mirena is a romantic whose wisdom does not prevent her from dreaming, more precisely, what she dreams, she accomplishes it.


In 1987 appears the pill Diane, the same year the first name knows a peak with the birth of more than 511 Diane! A random ? This name of Latin origin hides an enthusiastic personality, strong of a daily joviality that brightens the days of each person crossed.


Of German origin, the name Leeloo is also a contraceptive, known by the sweet name of Leelou Gé. Of German origin, Leeloo is a name that marks a personality as sensitive, as intelligent and communicative. Heroine of Luc Besson's film, The Fifth Element, Leeloo is dynamic, full of fragile strength.


Name of a well-known minidose pill, Jasmine is a name of Arab-Persian origin, which means jasmine, it is essential especially in the Arabian Nights. Jasmine is determined, with immense courage, she shows a will and an ambition that marry wonderfully to his great imagination. In the same vein, there is also Jasminelle!


First name of man, woman ... and pill, Yaz stems from Yasmine. On the character side, Yaz is a calm and thoughtful person who does what he has to do, but never engages in routine: his prudence and his requirement allied to a great dynamism.


The etymology of this name does not lack spice: Meliane comes from the Greek "bee" (which will also give "honey") ... is it to prevent it from being pollinated that it was given to a pill? In any case, it is perfect if you want a girl patient, meticulous and radiant positive energy.


Name of a generic pill, Melodia and a derivative of Melody, name derived from the Greek "melodia" which refers to singing accompanied by music. On the character side, Melodia is above all a ball of good humor intensely communicative: she likes people and they do it well. This name knows a peak in 2000 with ... three little girls named Melodia!


Rather known as a surname, Evra is a name (rare) and also a name of contraceptive medicine. Evra is a derivative of the Hebrew name Ezra which means "help", "help". Side character, difficult for Evra to support loneliness: team sports and recognition are all engines for his good mood!


The thing is funny! Antigone has for etymology the Greek terms "anti" and "origin", "parents". Heroine of Greek tragedy, she will not have any children. Did it affect his choice as a pill name? Antigone is determined, passionate, the compromises are foreign to her. Whole, she is reliable and always sincere.


Diamella is multiple: name of pill, name of woman, brand of eau de toilette and ... name of a Taiwanese insect under the name of Diamella kaszabi. This name is first given in the United States: with a single "l" or a "j" instead of "i". There have been less than five Diamella births a year since 1880. As for character, Diamella is constantly on the lookout for ideas, she constantly brings new ideas to new ideas, which makes her enthusiastic and cheerful. Hands-on, she is curious and open to new experiences.

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You have not found your happiness? Here are other names of contraceptives that you may like ... but here is serious: Cerazette, Harmonett, Désobel, Qlaira, Moneva, Cycleane or Stediril. Hard to swallow, anyway!