Maternal assistant: how to find her?

Maternal assistant: how to find her?

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The nursery is not won! You're not sure where to get a place, and if you think about it, your child's evolution could be done in a familiar and individualized environment, a cocoon of substitution. Respect of rhythms, socialization, flexible schedules ... the Assmat is a good solution.

The benefits of the maternal assistant

  • At the approved maternal assistant, your child will benefit from a special attention to its rhythms : sleep, food and wakefulness. The schedules are less restrictive and it will evolve in a quieter atmosphere than the nursery ...
  • Moreover the presence of other children - the maternal assistant keeps three in general - will promote its socialization by limiting the risk of contagion.
  • Only positive! You will soon be convinced that, outside the home, the approved maternal assistant, in other words the Assmat, is the childcare mode that is best adapted to your baby's needs, at least during the first year.

How do I choose it?

  • The approval of the maternal assistant must be one of your conditions sine qua non of research.
  • To be approved, the Assmat must meet certain material, medical and educational constraints. It must match the prerogatives of hygiene, safety and comfort essential to children. Medical examination in support, she must attest, as well as the people who live with her, that the state of health of each is reconcilable with the reception of the children. She must prove that she has good contact, experience with children and that she knows how to offer activities of awakening.
  • Accreditation is granted by the services of maternal child protection (PMI) and the president of the General Council. To start your preselection, consult the lists of approved maternal assistants of your PMI and your town hall, the advertisements of Pôle emploi. Go to the Caf sites and get closer to the Relays, the Ram. Ask your neighbors and relatives in your neighborhood, they may have someone you trust to advise you.

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