Learn to count with Pinpin and Lili

Learn to count with Pinpin and Lili

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1, 2, 3 ... 10! To learn the numbers and count on the fingers, here are some special videos with our little heroes Pinpin and Lili.

Learn the 1

Learn the 2

Learn the 3

Learn the 4

Learn the 5

Learn the 6

Learn the 7

Learn 8

Learn 9

Learn the 10

Through play, beautiful illustrations, and gentle rhythm, your toddler will become comfortable with the numbers he or she learns at school. A good way to complete the learning that is led by the teacher and consolidate them. Wait until your child has discovered them in class, to avoid confusion.

Thanks to Sophie Cottin, teacher (Saint Joseph School of Bellevue - Meudon) for her valuable advice.


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